Small Charity Constitution
Dowsdale Hedgehog Sanctuary is a Small Charity.  A copy of our Small Charity Constitution can be viewed HERE.  A signed copy of this constitution can be viewed at the registered charity address.

Statement of Facilities

A wildlife casualty is defined as any sick, injured or orphaned wild animal that is unable to survive in the wild without human intervention.  As a general principle any casualty retained for treatment at Dowsdale Hedgehog Sanctuary should have a reasonable expectation of successful release and long term survival in the wild.


Dowsdale Hedgehog Sanctuary is currently able to accept Hedgehogs of all ages.  We are able to take in 25 hedgehogs requiring indoors medical attention, however, we also have the facilities for the soft release / enclosed outdoor treatment of a further 20 hedgehogs.  We are therefore able to care for a maximum of 45 hedgehogs at any given time.


The casualties we admit can be classified by the length of time they need to be retained in captivity:


Short Term:       

Requiring first aid only.


Medium Term:  

​Requiring simple treatment with no special release procedures.


Long Term:        

Requiring prolonged treatment and preparation for released, or;

Requiring over winter care due to inadequate weight for release.


Permanently disabled:

Requiring suitable permanent accommodation and husbandry.

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