Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, if you see one out during the day this will generally indicate there is something wrong and the hedgehog needs help.  Please either call us on 07916 843180, or get the hedgehog to a local vet.  PLEASE NOTE: because we are a small charity we cannot accept visitors to the sanctuary without a prior appointment.


The hedgehog should be placed into a high-sided box with a towel or some newspaper at the bottom, hedgehogs are good climbers so will escape from anything too shallow.  Hedgehogs found out during the day are often dehydrated, so place a saucer of water in the box.  Should you have any meaty cat or dog food, offer this to the hedgehog.

In order to survive the winter, hedgehogs need to have enough fat reserves to survive. If they have not reached 450-500g's by the end of October, they may need to be taken in to care – please contact us, or your local vet, for advice.

PLEASE NOTE: The old ‘bread and milk’ advice is now known to be extremely harmful to hedgehogs. Cows milk can even be fatal to them as they cannot digest the high lactose (a natural sugar) found in it.

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