Volunteer Hedgehog Foster Carers

Must have:

  • A quiet room or outbuilding for the hedgehog to convalesce;

  • An interest in wildlife;

  • Adequate time to care for the hedgehog;

  • Confidence in dealing with a wild animal;

  • Facilities to dispose of the hedgehog waste.


We will provide:

  • Training on the day to day care of hedgehogs;

  • Housing for the hedgehog;

  • Food and food dishes;

  • Bedding materials;

  • Disinfectant;

  • Constant support.


You will need:

  • Rubber gloves to wear when handling and cleaning out the hedgehog;

  • Scales (not your kitchen scales) to weigh the hedgehog each day.


If you are interested in becoming a Hedgehog Foster Carer for Dowsdale Hedgehog Sanctuary, please contact us via email (  


We will come and meet all potential foster carers and go through what will be expected of you as a foster carer.


Hedgehogs are endangered, wild animals.  They should not be treated as pets.  When caring for the hedgehogs it is important not to handle them more than necessary and they should be kept in a quite location at all times.  Hedgehogs need to retain their natural fear of humans to successfully be released back into the wild.

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